MINI, the British car company, wanted to burnish its position  as a company aimed at "the aspirational creative class." To do that, 10Ten crafted a "care package" chronicling the then-nascent world of Virtual Reality. The package included a VR viewer and a 50-page bespoke magazine sent to a select list curated by Fast Company magazine.


This package of custom journalism drove 4.2 million views to MINI's two VR films embedded on its website. It also was recognized as one of the 10 Best Branded Content Partnerships of 2015 by Ad Age magazine.



By designing custom home automation systems, Cornflake handles technical complexities so that its consumers can enjoy a simple, immersive and living experience. 10Ten Media was tasked with reflecting this mission with a custom magazine that looked at the ways Cornflake approached the challenge of helping clients choose the most appropriate and up-to-date systems. The publication’s elegant design helped drive home the fact that one of Cornflake’s primary missions is to "treat technology as an art form."




Icon was conceived as a high-end magazine about and for professional athletes and celebrities. 10Ten Media directed its luxe production and sophisticated design, creating an environment of enviable luxury but with a saucy and irreverent point of view. The work demonstrated how 10Ten could create a speciality product in a magazine category not previously noted for innovation.