10Ten Media is an editorial team of full-time writers, editors, producers and designers led by Managing Directors Bob Der, Scott Gramling, Larry Hackett and Ian Knowles. Each has more than 20 years of leadership and content-creation experience at some of the most respected media brands in the world. The core team is supported by a network of more than 30 contributors—professionals chosen for their skills, nimbleness, and ability to communicate and act effectively and efficiently.



10Ten Media creates world-class editorial content. We conceptualize ideas, render them, and deliver finished products across all mediums. We build bespoke solutions that meet needs and engage audiences in a wide range of areas, including sports, entertainment, business, tech, education and service. We also establish and manage budget efficiencies in every project we oversee.

What we don’t do is overpromise, mislead, underdeliver, bait-and-switch, leave you hanging, phone it in or fail to meet our commitments and standards. 

“Quality content” isn’t jargon for us. It’s our business.


When we take on an assignment, we start by working to understand the objective. Working with a client to establish the most important project deliverables means finding an actionable answer to the vital question: “What are we out to accomplish?”

We believe in clear and honest communication. We answer questions directly and ask questions with purpose. We communicate with our clients in order to deliver the results they are seeking. The results are what matter most.


At 10Ten Media, we are committed to making quality content because this is what we know is true:

•   Quality is worth pursuing.

•   Creating is a skill, not a buzzword.

•   Value comes from efficiency.

•   Reliability matters

•   It’s not magic. It’s hardwork.

We create content that delivers the desired result. When it is insightful, engaging and skillfully executed, content is special. A well-crafted story or narrative can open people’s minds and hearts and move them to action.


If you feel the same, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might help you achieve your goals.