Time Inc. Books

Many of the books we’ve created encourage children to read and learn. Our first project, Sports Illustrated Kids’ Big Book of Why (above), answered such burning questions as “Why are three goals called a hat trick?” for the most passionate and demanding fans in sports—children ages 8 to 13. 

That led to five more SI Kids titles

1. Big Book of Who; Football
2. Big Book of Who; Basketball
3. Big Book of Who; All-Stars
4. What Are the Chances; The Rarest Plays in Sports
5. Slam Dunk; Top 10 Lists of Everything
6. in Basketball

Working with the writers and editors of the trusted educational brand Time For Kids, we also created three TFK-branded books:

1. TFK—Big Book of Who
2. TFK—Big Book of Answers
3. The 2017 TFK Almanac.


In all of these examples, we were responsible for producing the books right from the beginning—conceptualizing and rendering the content all the way from ideation through writing, editing, design and publication.



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