Hearst Publishing

Content creation / Design / Print

When Hearst Publishing needed a high-quality, cost-effective way to produce almost 30 single-topic print publications in 2018, they turned to 10Ten. The lineup covered a wide range of topics from cooking to science to news.


Town & Country:
The Royal Wedding

Created literally overnight with live reporting, editing and design, this 96-page celebration of the Meghan Markle-Prince Harry wedding is the kind of publication that can only be trusted to skilled and experienced creatives.


O: The Oprah Magazine:
Let It Go!

Oprah Winfrey sets a high bar for everything that carries her name. This personal-service bookazine is no exception, marking the first time O has ever released a product of this kind.


The Meaning of Life

This star-studded collection of wit and wisdom was inspired by Esquire’s popular “What I Learned” section. It reflects the power of what can be produced with basic building blocks —words and pictures—rendered at a high level.


We crashed products like The Royal Wedding and Seventeen: March For Our Lives in days, creating a new dynamic for Hearst.

Working independently but in partnership, we augmented Hearst’s creative resources across all of their titles.

Our ability to produce high quality work quickly, regardless of subject matter or brand, gave Hearst the opportunity to test new ideas.